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Movies.  I love them.  Especially those that capture the “3 Es”  (enlighten, educate AND entertain).  It naturally follows that one of my favorite genres is the documentary. With a lifelong fascination of the movie making process, I am one of those people who always stays until the end of the movie.  And by the END, I mean the REAL end, after all of the credits have stopped, we’ve been assured no animals were harmed in the making of the film, and the popcorn sweepers are storming the theater.

In considering whom I should approach for my next “What I Love About My Job!” 60-second interview, my friend Jeanne Rawlings immediately came to mind.  A beautiful, talented filmmaker (who also happens to love and live in Chico), Jeanne’s impressive 30-year background includes being honored with TWO Emmy Awards (nominated for SIX) and working with the likes of National Geographic Society, Discovery, ABC, and the Army National Guard,

Jeanne’s company, Dustlight Productions, also offers commercial production, writing and editing services.

And what does Jeanne love about her job?  Take a 51-second listen:



If there is one thing I love more than documentaries, it’s animals.  Check out Jeanne’s promotional video for Butte Humane Society’s recent fundraising gala:  https://vimeo.com/56798436

Like big tractors and earth-moving-type machines?  Check out the interesting story of “Linetrac 1“: https://vimeo.com/31985086

Click here to view Jeanne’s impressive portfolio and here for her contact info.


What I Love About My Job! (In 60 Seconds or Less)

Sometimes (especially these days) it’s nice to stop and reflect on some of the positives in our lives.

While sitting in our  local Cal Java coffee shop a while back, I couldn’t help but notice the gentleman roasting the coffee. He just seemed so darned HAPPY to be there, doing what he was doing.   Nearly everyone who walked in the door was greeted by this jolly fellow, many by name.

It got me thinking about people who just flat out LOVE what they do, and what a wonderful thing that is. (I recall telling my sons when they were young, “Try to find some kind of work that you really like doing, because you will spend a LOT of your life doing it!”)

Which also reminds me of a recent conversation I had with my husband recently, exchanging stories about our day. When he commented that he had enjoyed the day’s activities, I replied “Good! Because you traded a day of your life for it.”

But I digress.  Back to the coffee shop.  After watching the aforementioned interactions for a while, and being the shy, retiring person I am,  I grabbed my newish iPhone, set it to “video,” and sauntered up to our bubbly, bantering bean roaster and introduced myself, saying “I’m working on…” (yeah right, as of 10 seconds ago!) “…a blog about what people enjoy about their jobs.  Can you tell me in 60 seconds or less what you like best about your job?”

Now, I have noticed over the years that oftentimes people will do something for you if you ask nicely, even if it may be a bit out of their comfort zone.  I like to believe it is just human nature to want to help others. I’m sure you can think of examples of this from your own experience.

So herewith my first official What I Love About My Job (in 60 Seconds or Less)  video.  Many thanks to my cheerful and willing “first” subject:


Wine Time!

The Secret is out!   There is a very cool new place to nosh and natter after work, and–lucky me–it is JUST UP THE ROAD from our W. M. Campbell Real Estate office!  Wine Time made it to Henri Bourride‘s restaurant review column in today’s Chico News & Review, where it earned a four-star rating. (Based on my several recent visits, I’d give it a FIVE, but hey, I’m pretty easy to please.)

This gem is hard to find but worth the search.  Located in a big, ancient refurbished barn at 26 Lost Dutchman Drive (behind Roots Catering at 3221 Esplanade, across the street from Philadelphia Square), it truly is a tucked-away Shangri-La.  Owners Gay and Bob James (whom I know from my previous life as a Butte Creek Canyonite) have created a little oasis where art meets gastronomical delight; more Napa-like than your typical Chico eatery, in my opinion.

How great to have another venue for patio dining, complete with pond/stream and colorful umbrellas.  The artsy barn interior features Gay’s amazing mosaic and stained glass art, painted concrete flooring, and original hand-hewn beams dating back to the structure’s hog barn days. (During our first visit, I dubbed it “Swine Time,” in honor of its beginnings…don’t think the “pet” name will catch on, though.)

Thus far I have sampled several very nice wines as well as two “small plates”: a mushroom appetizer that was pretty much to die for, and the Greek antipasto plate with a delightful array of olives and cheeses and a generous helping of “ahmonds” with undetermined-but-tasty coating.  Apparently the menu is ever changing, with many ingredients from local sources (which is always a big plus in my book!).


During a recent visit, I noticed work being done to the adjacent building and inquired about it.  Apparently an art gallery of sorts will be housed there, for local artists to display their work.  Looking forward to the opening!

Wine Time is open 3 – 11 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.  “Like” the Wine Time page on Facebook for fun updates.


John Ross is a funny guy who is serious about bringing live comedy to our little town of Chico.  Talk about following your dream!  John and his lovely family packed up their belongings and moved here from Sacramento last year in

pursuit of a better lifestyle and to fulfill John’s longtime vision of opening a comedy club/teaching venue.

After many long months of beating the bushes for the right location and dealing with all of the red tape that accompanies such an undertaking, John will be greeting customers at The Last Stand Comedy Venue this weekend! (February 3 and 4) with shows at 7:00 and 8:30.

Located at 167 E. 3rd Street in one of those cozy old brick downtown “Chico-chic” buildings, the intimate setting  is sure to be crackling with excitement as the featured comedians prepare to share their shtick.

In addition to live comedy, John will be offering standup classes for all you aspiring comedians out there.

Tickets for opening weekend can be purchased by clicking here and are just $10 each…such a deal for LIVE entertainment.  Help welcome John and his talented troupe to Chico!

The Last Stand Comedy Venue, 167 E. 3rd St., Chico, CA





Check out (and “like”)

The Last Stand Comedy page on Facebook.




                           Watch a one minute video with John Ross

Chico Makes it into Sunset Magazine!

“In Autumn, Chico’s weather cools to crisp–a perfect time for a stroll or bicycle ride along Esplanade, the town’s main drag.”  So states the inset on p. 21 of the October 2011 issue of Sunset magazine.


Along with several lovely photos, the two-page spread mentions such Chico hot spots as Bidwell Mansion, Campus Bicycles, Made in Chico, Tin Roof Bakery, the Honey Run Covered Bridge, and even Warner Street (named after Warner Brothers Studio, which filed the 1938 “Adventures of Robin Hood” here).  And, of course, no article about Chico would be complete without mentioning the crown jewel, Bidwell Park.

In researching this post, I came across a really fun site featuring many Chico “urban legends.”  Check it out; very interesting! (Perhaps you can even confirm or deny some of the stories.)


Filmed in Bidwell Park: Adventures of Robin Hood

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